Tow Truck Insurance in California

Bar Mutual offers Tow Truck Insurance policies to residents of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. 

Tow Truck Insurance

What is tow truck insurance?

Tow truck operators are frequently working in dangerous situations, where they or their equipment could be struck by a passing car. In addition to these risks, tow trucks can sustain other types of damage, towed vehicles can be damaged, and all manner of other non-vehicle accidents can occur. Tow truck insurance can help California operators protect their trucks, their businesses and themselves from a host of risks. 

Tow truck insurance offers specialized commercial coverages for tow truck operators. Policies typically have multiple coverages for the tow truck, towed vehicles and the business.

Tow Truck Insurance California

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What California businesses should consider towing insurance?

Most towing operators in California need towing insurance. State law requires certain coverages, and additional protections are highly recommended in case something happens.

Because many different businesses use tow trucks, tow truck policies are purchased by a range of businesses. For example, car dealerships, independent mechanics, auto service centers, standard towing services, heavy-duty towing services, and even police departments might need this type of policy.

Tow Truck Insurance California

What types of insurance are available for heavy-duty wreckers?

Particular insurance considerations must be taken into account when insuring heavy-duty wreckers, such as those that handle large vehicles like semis, fire trucks, and heavy machinery. Finding insurance isn’t as simple as selecting the first standard tow truck policy an operator comes across.

Operators of these kinds of wreckers should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in towing insurance. A specialized agent can help operators identify their coverage needs, and what limits they want for each coverage. They’ll also be able to help operators compare policies that cover larger wreckers, seeing which one best meets coverage and deductible needs.

What coverages are included in tow truck policies?

Tow truck policies generally meet the state’s minimum requirements and also offer a wide range of other protections. Some crucial coverages for operators to consider include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: Might cover damage to the insured wrecker(s) resulting from collisions.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Might cover damage to the wrecker due to incidents like animal collisions, falling trees, fire, hail, theft, etc.
  • On-Hook Towing Coverage: Might cover damage to towed vehicles while they’re hooked up to the wrecker.
  • Garage Services Coverage: Might cover damage to towed vehicles while they’re at a garage, service center, or impound lot (not on the wrecker).
  • Tow Truck Liability Coverage: Might cover third-party injuries and property damage occurring during accidents.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Might cover medical expenses resulting from accident-caused injuries
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Might cover accidents involving drivers who have insufficient insurance coverage.

There are still other coverages to consider. A knowledgeable agent can help explore all options.

Tow Truck Insurance California

Can vehicle transporters use a towing insurance policy?

While vehicle transporters may require some of the coverages that tow truck policies provide, the needs of transporters often exceed the needs of towing services. For this reason, transporters typically need a different commercial policy that’s better tailored to their needs. 

An agent who helps towing service providers should also be able to assist vehicle transporters with finding a policy.

How much does it cost to insure a tow truck?

The costs of insuring a tow truck can vary, as insurance companies look at multiple factors. Some details that frequently impact cost include:

  • Number of wreckers being insured
  • Year, make, and model of the insured wreckers
  • Service areas for the towing services
  • Types of roads services are provided on
  • Experience and driving record of drivers
  • Company’s previous insurance claims history
Bar Mutual Insurance

How can California towing operators purchase tow truck insurance?

If you’re in California and need assistance with insurance tow trucks, contact the independent insurance agents at Bar Mutual Insurance. Our agents will work with you to determine your specific coverage needs, and then present you with a variety of policy options tailored to those needs. Together, we’ll find the best tow truck insurance policy for your wreckers.


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