Commercial Truck Insurance in California

Commercial Truck Insurance policies are offered by Bar Mutual Insurance to residents throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. 

Commercial Truck Insurance

What is commercial truck insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is a safeguard for businesses that operate commercially registered trucks. The insurance is important to California operators not just because it’s generally legally required, but also because this is usually the best type of protection against the risks that come with owning and operating large truck equipment.

Commercial truck insurance offers specialized coverage tailored for businesses with trucks. Policies typically offer more extensive coverages and higher limits than other commercial auto policies.

Commercial Truck Insurance California

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What California businesses should carry commercial trucking insurance?

Most businesses in California that operate commercial trucks need commercial trucking insurance. State law generally requires businesses have insurance.

This obviously applies to most trucking companies and freight transporters, but transportation isn’t the only industry where trucks are used. Many different businesses in diverse industries may have a truck and thus need coverage:

  • Builders with lowboys, dump trucks and similar
  • Contractors with duallys and box trucks
  • Bakeries with box trucks for deliveries
  • Pest control services with box trucks
  • Moving companies with box trucks or semis
  • Farms with duallys and straight trucks
  • Fire departments with fire trucks

If you’re a business owner unsure whether your business needs commercial trucking insurance, consult an insurance agent who specializes in this type of policy. An experienced agent can assess your business’s situation, advise if this is the right type of insurance, and recommend a good policy if it is.

Commercial Truck Insurance California

What protections are included in commercial trucking insurance policies?

Commercial trucking policies typically include a broad range of protections. They normally cover mandatory state requirements, and also have additional optional coverages that businesses might need. Some key coverages to consider include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: May cover damage sustained by any insured trucks.
  • Interchange Coverage: May cover damage sustained by any non-owned trailers.
  • Trailer Cargo Coverage: May cover damage sustained by cargo loads.
  • Liability Coverage: May cover accidents caused by your business’s employees.
  • Bobtail Coverage: May cover tractor-trailers when they aren’t hooked to a trailer.
  • Downtime Coverage: May cover trucks when they’re parked or being loaded/unloaded.
  • Non-Trucking Coverage: May cover trucks when they’re being personally used.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: May cover accidents with non-insured drivers.

Interchange coverage is sometimes referred to as unidentified trailer coverage. 

Commercial Truck Insurance California

What types of cargo can be insured with commercial trucking insurance policies?

Commercial trucking insurance policies are versatile and can cover most types of legal cargo. This ranges from simple items like scrap metal and stone, to high-end products like televisions and solar panels.

Covering certain types of cargo, such as high-value artwork, live animals hazardous materials and radioactive materials might be more complex. A specialized insurance agent with in-depth knowledge of commercial trucking policies may still be able to find suitable coverage for these goods, though.

How much does insuring commercial trucks cost?

The cost of insuring commercial trucks can vary significantly due to numerous factors that insurers consider. 

The number of trucks, size and types of trucks, classes of cargo, average annual mileage, and the location where trucks are stored are just some of the details insurance companies consider. They also look at the years of experience that drivers have, any endorsements drivers have, and driving records.

Businesses can compare policy options from different insurers with an independent agent, in order to check how much insuring specific trucks will cost.

Bar Mutual Insurance

How can businesses in California get commercial truck insurance quotes?

For assistance with customized commercial truck insurance quotes, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Bar Mutual Insurance. Our California agents will make sure your business’s trucks have the protections they need.


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