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California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada residents can obtain Limousine Insurance policies through Bar Mutual.

Limousine Insurance

What is limousine insurance?

Luxury transport be lucrative and interesting, but driving customers in limousines and other high-end vehicles also involves risk. Limousine operators might be exposed to any number of perils, ranging from vehicle damage to passenger injuries when seatbelts aren’t worn. Having limousine insurance may be and important step toward ensuring that a California luxury transport business could likely continue operating even if something happens.

Limousine insurance is a specialized commercial auto insurance for public livery vehicles. Policies are adjusted for the luxury vehicles that limousine operators drive.

Limousine Insurance California

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What California businesses need limo insurance?

Any business offering limousine or chauffeur services in California may want limo insurance. This includes businesses serving the general public, A-list celebrities, corporate clients and others. 

Additionally, policies are purchased by all types of businesses within the industry. Major operators, small businesses and chauffeur owner-operators might all purchase a policy.

What types of vehicles do limo insurance policies cover?

Limo insurance generally covers the various vehicles that chauffeurs use. Businesses shouldn’t have a problem finding policies for traditional limousines, stretch limos, limo buses and SUV limos. Town cars and other smaller luxury vehicles normally can also be insured.

Limousine Insurance California

What protections do limousine insurance policies offer?

Limousine insurance policies provide a range of protections tailored to the unique requirements of limo operators. Some of these coverages include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover non-auto accidents where someone suffers injury (e.g. slip-and-falls).
  • Personal Injury Limousine Coverage: Might cover non-driver injuries sustained during auto accidents.
  • Bodily Injury Limousine Coverage: Might cover driver injuries resulting from auto accidents.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Might cover damage to customer property occurring during an auto accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Might cover auto accidents involving drivers without adequate insurance.
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage: Might cover employee-filed allegations of discrimination.
Limousine Insurance California

Should rideshare drivers offering luxury services consider limo insurance?

Limo insurance is typically designed for professional chauffeurs and limousine operators, and not so much for rideshare drivers. Even those providing premium services on rideshare apps are usually classified as rideshare drivers rather than professional chauffers. 

If offering luxury rideshares, a rideshare endorsement might be added onto a personal auto insurance policy. There are also rideshare-specific insurance policies available.

Should taxi drivers consider limo insurance?

Similarly, taxi drivers typically need a slightly different insurance policy than chauffeurs do. Limo insurance is primarily for premium chauffeur services. 

An agent well-versed in limousine policies can assist taxi drivers in finding the right type of insurance for their needs.

What are the costs involved in insuring a limousine?

The cost of insuring a limousine can vary greatly based on multiple factors, often including details such as the following: 

  • Number of vehicles being insured
  • Type of vehicles being insured
  • Where the vehicles are parked when not in use
  • Drivers’ recent driving history
  •  Business’s recent claims history

Because these premiums are influenced by various factors, there are several ways to potentially lower the cost of limousine insurance. Common strategies include hiring experienced drivers with clean records, parking vehicles in secure locations, taking advantage of discounts such as loyalty or fleet discounts, and comparing policies with an independent insurance agent. 

An independent insurance agent is able to compare customized policies from multiple insurance companies. An agent who’s independent and specializes in these policies will be able to help chauffeurs select the best policy based on coverages and premiums.

Bar Mutual Insurance

How can chauffeurs in California secure limousine insurance?

If you need assistance with insuring limousines in California, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Bar Mutual Insurance. Our team has a wealth of experience helping commercial drivers insure their vehicles, and we have the expertise necessary to find you a limousine insurance policy that’ll work well for your business.


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