About Us

Bar Mutual is an independent insurance agency offering high-quality business insurance options across California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.


About Us

Welcome to Lennox Union, also known as Bar Mutual Insurance Agency.

Our operations began in 1997, with a focus on a wide range of short-tail classes, including transportation, garage coverage, contractors, and special risk indemnity.

Since our inception, we have partnered with top A-rated insurance companies to showcase our products. Our sales volume has been on a steady rise, with an estimated increase of 12.4% over 2021. This growth is a result of higher premium rates and a steady flow of new clients, despite the current difficult underwriting conditions that have forced most companies to adopt a defensive strategy.

Our client retention rates are high, primarily due to our substantial position in the market and the longevity of our client relationships. Over the last five years, Lennox Union has produced above-average returns, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our business strategy is centered on building long-term relationships with both clients and insurance companies. This culture promotes stability and team building within our organization, ultimately benefiting our clients.

Lennox Union is actively seeking opportunities to expand our methods of distribution and presence in local markets where we have an established trading record. In the current volatile market, we are seeking new opportunities to serve our clients more effectively and diversely.

Our scope of advertising has expanded into direct mail, the Internet, active participation in social events, membership in trade organizations, sponsorship of events, and more. This has led to further business opportunities, and we are committed to continuing our growth and success.

From Cargo To Liability, We’ve Got You Covered Every Mile Of The Way!



Independent Insurance Advantages

  • A diverse range of insurance experience among staff has prepared us to be ready for almost any situation we run into

  • Access to unique carriers and coverage options

  • We deal with the insurance companies for you

Insurance Coverages

Below are some of the coverages offered at Bar Mutual Insurance. We can provide insurance to residents and businesses in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

  • Limousine Insurance California

    Limousine Insurance

  • Commercial Truck Insurance California

    Commercial Truck Insurance

  • Box Truck Insurance California

    Box Truck Insurance

  • Tow Truck Insurance California

    Tow Truck Insurance


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Bar Mutual Insurance
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